A breath of fresh air


Every second breath you take is made possible by the vast algae cultures our world holds.
But algae do not only produce oxygen. Algae are used for cosmetics, as food for both animals and humans, and even can produce light. Algae are vital to our world.

We create innovative solutions to ramp up the production as the algae market grows more important every day.

Bioluminiscent algae 
Some algae can produce light. These dinoflagellates can be found all over the world, but are rarely cultivated. This is what they look like under a microscope.


Global warming proof

Algae absorb CO2 and convert this into oxygen. Algae are the largest suppliers of oxygen on our planet.

Fully circular

The biomass from algae can feed fish, cattle, or provide food for ourselves. The algae use waste water and fumes from livestock as a nutrient source.


Besides a small amount of nutrients, algae live on light. Just as plants they rely on photosynthesis. In turn they produce oils, biomass or even light!


If you are interested in algae cultures, photobioreactors or if you have a project in mind, please contact us!


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