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Nature friendly products


Mycelium is the underground root structure of mushrooms; the glue that holds the forest floor together. When you introduce mycelium in agricultural waste, the mycelium acts a glue that binds the biomass together. In turn you create fully compostable products.

A revolutionary, circular technology, reinvented.

Mycelium grows through biomass, acting as a natural glue.
Video by Wim van Eck


Nature friendly

Mycelium is a material common to nature. Under every step you take you will find mycelium. It is therefore not only biodegradable, but even soil improving.


The mycelium products are made from agricultural biomass and ‘waste’ materials from mushroom growers. The products are therefore fully circular.

Grown to shape

Mycelium can be grown in shapes but also can be shaped afterwards. Even complex forms are a possibility.


Mycelium materials insulate very well. The material is heat resistant and dampens sounds better than conventional materials.

Grown for you

If you are interested in custom products, materials or if you have a project in mind, please contact us!


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